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2-bedroom, 1-bathroom

730 SF


Kelvin was happy to find Hello Housing to help him make his dream a reality. Hello Housing helped him find and vet trusted partners to work with and supported him through choosing the right fit for his project. Though no construction project is without some small hiccups, the process was easy and moved smoothly from design, to permitting, and construction.


“I was grateful for the hands-on support I received throughout the development process from Hello Housing.  When challenges came, the HelloADU team was ready to support me with guidance and direction.”


As a christening, Kelvin used his new ADU to host a Chinese New Year’s celebration to bring the community together.  


An ADU is an excellent solution for a grown child to support their aging parents. It allows both the child and the parents each their privacy and independence, while also keeping each close by. Each can watch out for the other, they can easily check in with each other, share meals if they want, and whenever one travels the other can easily oversee their home, just lock the door and go!


With many second-generation immigrant families, creating a space for family who live abroad is a wonderful opportunity to keep family ties strong.


Kelvin has plans to rent the space out to a friend while he waits for his parents to be ready to make their move to join him.

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