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Ready to Launch

1-bed, 1-bath

350 square feet

Fernandez Family -Garage Conversion_edit

Recently graduated from college and now fully employed, John and Celeste's son can not yet afford to live on his own in the Bay Area's expensive rental market.  This is a real issue that many Bay Area families face and it is causing many new graduates to take jobs elsewhere in the Country where housing is more affordable.   By converting a detached garage into a new ADU, the Fernandez family is able to create a financial win-win for their family.  

With this ADU they can keep their son close, and help him save for his future as he launches into self-sufficiency, while also creating a future option for rental income during Celeste and John’s retirement, all while adding significantly to the value of their longtime family home. 

The Fernandez family had never taken on a major building project.  They knew that they did not have room to get it wrong, so they reached out to Hello Housing for project management support.  The HelloADU team was able to confirm the project's viability and connect the family with a well vetted architect and contractor.  In just 7 months the project has been designed, engineered, permitted and construction has begun.  The family is grateful to have the project underway, knowing that their son will have the chance at a future in California.  

Many people turn to Hello Housing to help them with their desire to support family members; whether building a space for grown children who are ready to launch, or creating a close, safe place for aging parents, Hello Housing and our HelloADU program is here to help.

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