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Hobby to Housing

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

532 SF ADU

167 SF Workshop

San Mateo ADU Exterior.jpg

This homeowner is a woodworker and teacher in the community and has been dreaming of expanding his workshop in the garage for years.  The home sits towards the back of their lot creating a large front yard.  This gave them the opportunity to incorporate an ADU into the project that has easy access from the street. This provides the family with a lot of privacy in their back and side yard while also creating additional income. 



The trick with projects that include a residential addition along with an ADU that homeowners and professionals need to be aware is that the new ADU four-foot setbacks only apply to that part of the project.  So, keep this in mind if you are taking this opportunity to also expand your home.  The addition will need to comply with the same setbacks as the main residence.


For this project they not only expanded the garage to include a workshop and built an ADU, but also remodeled the façade of their home, including a new roof over the living room, a new porch at the front entry with an overhang, and a patio above.  This allowed them to visually integrate the structures by adding design elements that they repeated on each of the buildings, so the workshop and ADU look like they have been there all along! 

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