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Retiring with Grace

Garage Conversion

1- Bedroom, 1- Bathroom

617 SF


"Hello Housing was there for every step of the process - financing, selection of a designer, contractor and all the finishing touches.  My questions were answered quickly and options were always presented.  I am excited and know my ADU will be beautiful. "


Carolyn has lived in Pacifica, CA for 35 years and isn't planning on going anywhere else.  She is thinking forward and decided to create an ADU that will bring extra income, help her prepare for retirement, and one day perhaps provide a home for her family.  Long term the ADU gives her an option to downsize and have one-level living, creating more income when she rents out her home above.  It's a smart strategy and the space is coming together beautifully.   

Garage conversion have challenges though.  You must level the floor since garages are typically sloped for drainage. Existing utilities may also need to be moved as furnaces and/or water heaters are commonly in the way with duct work and plumbing pipes traveling overhead below the floor joists above.  These may need to be move or replaced with completely new systems to provide for a continuous seven-foot ceiling height at a minimum throughout.  Another consideration is often furring out the walls to accommodate for the curb on the foundation, as foundation stem walls are thicker than a wood framed wall.  You may lose a little space, but the good news is, it is more room for insolation and sheering up the wall to allow for additional doors and windows.

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