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The New Ideal

2 bedroom, 2 bath

750 sf

Detached ADU

SSF Cottage.png

Jeanne and Anthony purchased their home in 1991 when their two young sons were ages 10 and 6. Their eldest has now married and moved away and Jeanne and Anthony have to travel to see them and their three young grandchildren. When their youngest son married and found they also could not afford to live in the Bay Area, Jeanne and Anthony realized they could create affordable housing for their son. 


Jeanne had long thought about adding to their home, but when she received an email from South San Francisco announcing their new ADU  Program with Hello Housing she jumped at the chance. Working together with the trusted professionals Hello Housing brought to the project they decided to build a free standing ADU in their yard. This way three generations of the family could stay together, while also having the luxury of privacy in their own home. 


Their son and his wife, together with their new baby, are excited to have an affordable place to live, and they are also very pleased to have the mutual support of being so close to their parents. This multi generational community they have built in South San Francisco brings them all the best: mutual care taking, and sometimes even babysitting!


Jeanne and Anthony are proud to be able to support their son; they are also proud to have increased the value of their long-time home of over 30 years with their investment into this ADU.


Now that the ADU is finished Jeanne and Anthony’s friends keep offering to move in, and their neighbors are constantly coming by telling them how wonderful the place looks. Everyone seems to be excited about this new vision of the future. 

Take a tour of this spacious 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom ADU!

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