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COVID-19 impacts

We at Hello Housing are doing all we can to be proactive in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, while remaining steadfast in our commitment to support our applicants, homeowners, tenants and partners. Our staff is working diligently to modify any process that has, to date, involved in person meetings or interactions. We are utilizing tools like Zoom (video conferencing) and HelloSign (digital signatures) to continue to serve our clients and still minimize our overall contact.

ADUs offer flexible housing to meet unexpected needs

The current crisis underscores the potential for housing solutions to also address public health needs – from sanitary living conditions for unsheltered community members to workforce housing for critically-needed healthcare workers.  Many families now worried about vulnerable out-of-town relatives are wishing they lived in the same neighborhood.  Doctors, nurses and other workers exposed to Covid-19 are exploring the availability of alternative living arrangements such as vacant ADUs to protect their home and families. 


We know that for some of you it may be necessary to push pause on your ADU dreams, and we want to hear from you once the uncertainty clears to determine if we can support you when you are ready to take the next steps.  We also recognize that for others, you may be more motivated than ever by the current situation to make some progress on creating new space for friends and family, as well as for community members whose economic and housing needs are changing rapidly. We are here to help and ready to get your projects moving through virtual planning sessions.

We will get through this together.

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