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We are hearing from homeowners that now, more than ever, they see the value of adding an ADU or Junior ADU to their property. ADUs can provide a meaningful buffer against life's curve balls, of which there are so many today. Adding an ADU can support aging parents to live independently, offer front-line workers a safe and affordable place to live, and they can help overcrowded households live together in a more harmonious and sustainable fashion. This is why Hello Housing is committed to making it easier for families to add ADUs to their homes. If you would like to see Hello Housing's services come to your city, or if you would like to see our services expanded in Redwood City, East Palo Alto, Pacifica and unincorporated San Mateo County please let us know so we can go (and grow) where the need is the greatest.

Are you in search of a nonprofit's helping hand with your ADU project? We'd like to help.
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