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South San Francisco

Free Program Services
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Special Thanks to Our Program Sponsor!

The City of South San Francisco is creating partnerships with homeowners motivated to build an ADU/in-law unit. They've created a new ADU Technical Assistance program for homeowners to help make the process less overwhelming.   Free feasibility and project management support  provided by HelloADU and paid for by the City of South San Francisco is now available. Our team of design and construction experts are ready to help you figure out what's possible with your property.


Online Application

Submit your online application.  The application will (1) determine your initial eligibility (2) provide the HelloADU team with some basic information about your ADU/JADU vision and your readiness and (3) to confirm your understanding of what SSF's HelloADU can and can’t do for you. It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.


Phone Interview

HelloADU's team will reach out to schedule a phone conversation which includes a discussion about your potential project, potential costs, timeline and process.  If following the phone call your project is a good potential candidate for SSF's HelloADU program and you are still interested and ready to move forward, we will schedule a site visit.


Site Visit

At the Site Visit, we will walk your property together, learn more about your vision, review any sketches or drawings you have, take measurements, locate utility connections, identify site conditions that may impact workability and costs, and discuss different approaches to explore.  Following the Site Visit, if together we feel there is a match and you are ready to move forward we will set up the next steps for moving your project forward!

To learn more about program eligibility and to get answers to common questions, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

If You Don't Qualify

Get our Professional Services

In the Bay Area and Beyond. We have 18 years of experience supporting and educating homeowners. Simply book time for a consultation to help you in any stage of your journey.

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