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There are many reasons Accessory Dwelling Units have captured the imagination of so many people in the Bay Area in recent years. Story after story shows us that adding an ADU can be the best insurance policy a homeowner could ever buy.


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Happy Senior Couple

Are you a Joe & Kathy?

Joe and Kathy raised their family in a home they love, but their kids can't afford to live near them anymore. They want to add an ADU for their daughter and her kids. They'll be close enough to connect every day, but they won't be stepping on Legos on the way to the kitchen.

Happy Man

Are you a Eugene?

Eugene's parents are getting older. Their home is way too big for them now that their kids have all moved out. And with all the bedrooms on the top floor, it's not a realistic option long term. He's building them an accessible ADU in their backyard so they can enjoy their golden years among their friends and neighbors.

woman 3

Are you a Rubi?

Rubi works full-time and is raising her seven-year old son Carlos. While her marriage didn't work out the way she hoped, she was able to keep Carlos in the same school after her divorce, thanks to her ADU. They moved into the smaller unit, and rent out the main house, which more than covers her mortgage payment.

Father's Kiss

Are you a Dave & Jon?

Dave and Jon became parents late in life. Dave's mom is healthy, but his dad is nearing the end of a long battle with Alzheimer's. They added their ADU to earn extra rent so Jon can stay home and take care of their daughter until she goes to preschool. They all take comfort in knowing Dave's mom will have the option of moving into the ADU one day.

Young Couple

Are you an Alex & Lisa?

Alex and Lisa are newly married and are trying to start a family. Instead of buying a larger home, they bought a small home with a huge backyard and are adding an ADU. They plan to use the rent to help cover the mortgage, or to find a tenant who can provide childcare in exchange for reduced rent so they can both keep progressing in their careers.

Smiling Mature Woman

Are you a Gail?

Gail taught high school for 29 years in her community. She's watched the cost of housing make it extremely difficult to attract and retain teachers. She and her husband decided to add an ADU to rent to a teacher from her former school. They are proud to be a part of the solution and love the connection to her school post-retirement.

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