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Homeowners in:

San Mateo County

HelloADU's "Bright in Your Own Backyard" San Mateo County is a One Stop Shop for homeowners who are motivated to add second units to their homes.


In early 2020 Hello Housing launched this new program in partnership with San Mateo County and the Cities of East Palo Alto, Redwood City and Pacifica offering free project management support to homeowners from initial feasibility through the completion of construction. 


The program is now in full operation and the available positions have been filled with incredible homeowner partners who are now in the active stages of building their ADU projects with the help of Hello Housing.  

Need help from a trusted partner? 

While the application period is now closed, you can still hire Hello Housing’s team to:


  • Assess your property for feasibility and help you establish a project vision that fits within your available resources

  • Help identify third-party professionals, coordinate design, cost estimating, bidding and value engineering

  • Shepherd your project through the permitting process

  • Provide construction management support

  • Ensure you receive landlord training to support fair housing practices

Please schedule a free 30-minute call to (1) learn more about our services and approach and (2) to share with us what kinds of support you are seeking to help determine if we are the right fit for your project.



"Before working with Hello Housing, each person/company that we talked to (the city, designers, structural engineers, etc) gave context and advice that served them the best, and we never had anyone that was looking out for us and for our best interests." -Homeowners Jen and Justin

Bright in Your Own Backyard is an innovative collaboration between nonprofit Hello Housing, philanthropy, major employers, local government, and homeowners like you. It is a natural next step for San Mateo County and Home for All which have been promoting ADUs through convenings, trainings, fairs and a variety of resources available on their award-winning website, the Second Unit Resources Center.

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