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Empty Nesters

As the rhythm of life changes and children grow into independent adults, many empty nesters find themselves facing a new chapter filled with possibilities. Amidst this transition, a growing trend emerges – the desire to downsize into Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs).


Penny and Chris have always been intrepid travelers, and their lifestyle in retirement will be no different. Together with their financial planner they devised a retirement scheme with a pivotal piece: building an ADU in the backyard of their Mill Valley home. Their plan would allow them to travel whenever they want with the flexibility of an additional income, all while maintaining a comfortable home in the community where they have lived for 20 years. 


The plan: when their son graduates high school and launches off to college, they will downsize into the ADU, bring in rental income from their primary residence, and take to the road whenever they feel the urge.


Penny and Chris love the flexibility this plan offers them, the financial assurance of the rental income, and knowing their cozy 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home will bring comfort to another family.


Their ADU will be a stand alone, 500 sqft one bedroom one bath, with an electric fireplace, the window bench for curling up with a good book that Penny has always dreamed of having, a cathedral ceiling in the living space, and plenty of storage space above the bedroom and bathroom. Their living space is expanded by a folding window-wall that will open onto a generous deck. 

Penny and Chris are truly excited about their adventures ahead, both on the road and in their new ADU.

Are you seeking to build an ADU as part of your adventure? We are here to here to help!

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The HelloADU team


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