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Best of
Both Worlds

2 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

930 SF


Maria and Tom have been dreaming about retiring to their new ADU and passing the family home on to their daughter, son-in-law, and three grandkids, who they have been sharing the house with for years.  “With the girls getting bigger we are running out of space”.  So they decided to take the leap and build an ADU in their generous backyard in Redwood City, making for the best new neighbors you could possibly ask for. Maria has transitioned from being a doula to taking care her grandson a couple of days a week, so both parents can work.  She’s looking forward to sleep overs with the kids, but also her own time, and quite time with Tom once he retires.


They started the project at the beginning of Covid when prices began escalating to the point that they wondered if they could proceed.  It was only after rebidding the project that they found a great contractor to carry the job forward and are underway once again.  With Hello Housing’s help they are going into construction confident because they understanding the process and have made good decisions on materials and finishes.  “We had questions for the designer and contractor, but HelloADU helped us know the questions we should be asking and understand the construction contract language.  We would absolutely recommend them to others considering building an ADU.”

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