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Why HelloADU?

Hello Housing, a nonprofit organization, has been working within the fabric of existing neighborhoods renovating existing homes and building new homes since its founding in 2005.  Hello Housing has always worked closely with local government partners to help them craft new and innovating housing strategies and we see Accessory Dwelling Units as an important strategy to help our government and our communities find new and better ways to think about housing affordability and how we utilize the resources we have.   


We saw an opportunity to put our 17 years of experience renovating single-family homes to work helping homeowners stabilize their futures by creating flexible living options while also creating much needed housing within our communities.

Our approach is simple, we are here to help our partners (homeowners and government) take the steps needed to create more housing.  Whether that is through our hand-over-hand support offered directly to homeowners through every step of the ADU development process or if it is creating new ADU programs that help create important resources that homeowners need to be part of the ADU building community.

If we continue with the status quo, our public programs will meet the needs of a very small handful of lower-income households, and market-rate developers will meet the needs of high-income earners, leaving a huge gap in the middle.

​It's time we mix it up.

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