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We get it.

To really make it work in the Bay Area, you've got to bring your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the table.


We are here

to help.


We are turning bright ideas into
actionable solutions.


We see homeowners as mission-critical, untapped partners in making it possible for people of all incomes and backgrounds to call the Bay Area home. Nonprofit organization Hello Housing is seeking to work with motivated homeowners who daydream about adding an ADU or Jr. ADU to their property, but could really use a trusted helping hand to help navigate the process and turn their

dream into a reality.

One Stop Shop

We heard you. 25% of Bay Area’s 1.5 million homeowners like the idea of adding a second unit, but the process feels overwhelming.

Would feasibility and project management from a trusted nonprofit partner make the difference?​​

Let's find out!

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

HelloADU, a program of Hello Housing, provides a range of ADU support services to help homeowners navigate what can be a complicated process.   


Whether you live in one of our government sponsored jurisdictions and therefore may qualify for free project management support services, or you simply need the support of an expert team, we are here to help.  

Are you a funder who cares about housing? 
Contrary to popular belief, a little can go a long way in Bay Area housing. We are developing strategic, right-sized incentives that can motivate a homeowner to create public benefits for our community while achieving a personal goal.
A win-win!
If this sounds like an approach you'd like to learn more about,
we'd love to brainstorm with you about what's possible.
Got feedback on your ADU experience?


We’re working with diverse partners to make it easier for homeowners to build ADUs in the Bay Area. If you have feedback on challenges you faced while you were building – or trying to build – an ADU or JADU, please take a moment to share it with us.  


Sharing your insights through

will help us figure out what needs to be done

to improve the process.

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