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Finding the Right Solution

"After years of watching our son struggle to make ends meet as a teacher in the Bay Area, we could never have imagined that a solution might be right in our own backyard. When the laws started to change, my husband and I realized that we might have the space and now the opportunity to utilize our large yard to create an affordable place for our son to live and continue to pursue his passion for teaching.

But the process still scared us. We had no idea where to start. We got mixed messages from the County staff about what we could do and were not getting calls back from professionals.

Thank you, Hello Housing for all that you are doing to make this project finally take shape!"


The family is creating a two-bedroom, two bath ADU that sits next to a mature black walnut tree in the center of a large deck that separates the two residence. These drawings were created by UDLA Studio to help the family conceptualize the project. What they don’t show is the vista which includes an expansive view of the San Francisco Bay that can be scene from all the rooms off the deck. Pretty nice for someone who is dedicated to teaching our children!


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